Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I wrote the book ... so am I following my own concepts?

Yesterday, I came clean: I had truly "diet proofed" my life - all the way to gaining 10 pounds!!!! Argh! Clearly, not my objective.

The book, Diet Proof Your Life, is a journal and inspirational source for anyone who has struggled with weight, with eating, and has tried every diet on the planet - and failed.  I certainly was/am one of them!  But I did recover!  I reached a point where it became plain that the problem was not excess weight - my weight was merely a reflection of my eating habits.  My weight was my mirror.  I realized that my focus could not be my weight, so much as my lifestyle, and lifestyle involved much more than merely what or how I ate.

I therefore put together Diet Proof Your Life, a book that explores the underbelly of our lifestyle, with specific "secrets" to unravel the sticking points that get us into trouble.  Along with the book, I am currently working on Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book, a companion to the original.

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Are you tired of dieting: "rabbit" food, calorie counting, fat grams and sore muscles? There is a solution: It's called STOP DIETING! In this revolutionary new book, I tell you how to diet proof your life once and for all.  No more carb grams or fake butter; no more starvation; no hours at the gym.  You will discover within yourself the secrets to a healthy body that supports your life without dieting! That's a promise.

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