Friday, November 20, 2015

Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book - now available!

Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book - Now Available on CreateSpace as a paperback, also available on!

The companion book to Diet Proof Your Life, the Action Book takes you where you may not have thought of going - into your soul.  Through focused questions, each principle espoused in Diet Proof Your Life is exposed and explored.  It engages the reader's mind and heart to begin to delve deeply into those areas of life that have been problematic, and leads the reader to a safe place from which to design a lifestyle that works!

This past weekend's conference was a success! I made a special offer to those who purchased the original Diet Proof Your Life to receive the Action Book absolutely FREE. 

I extend the same offer to you.  Buy the original, receive the Action Book absolutely FREE.  Be sure to leave your email so that I may communicate with you for the particulars.