Thursday, December 10, 2015

Diet And Your Brain

Did you know that diet has an effect on your brain?

You may read this and say "Duh" or raise an eyebrow about what I mean.  Here is what I mean ...

Your brain is the engine that runs your life: from your involuntary bodily functions, such as your heartbeat, to moving your muscles and regulating your appetite and your mood, your brain is in charge.  Don't you believe that it needs the very best care?

Enter your diet.  I don't mean your getting-skinny diet.  I mean the way you eat on a regular basis.

Let's take a look at how your diet affects your brain function.

The global epidemic of diabetes is largely a modern-day malady, and our beloved United States is right up there at the top for the country with the worst dietary habits, and up there in incidence of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  What's the connection?

Your diet - what you eat, how much you eat - is the fuel your body uses for life itself.  Your body includes your brain.  In fact, your brain is probably the single most important organ that sustains your life.  Without a functioning brain, your heart would not beat; your lungs would not inflate; your muscles would not move, and your digestion would not proceed as it's supposed to.  Your brain, therefore, is your God.  It is the giver and sustainer of life.

How do you maintain good brain function? By keeping it healthy, by nurturing it.  One of the ways to nurture your brain and keep it healthy is with the fuel you put in your body.  You know the simple analogy of incompatible gas in your car - your car will simply not work as it's supposed to.  Put the wrong gas in, and your car will sputter, stall, emit fumes, or much worse.  So it is with your brain, except your brain is far more important and complicated a mechanism than your car.  If you habitually consume pizza, ice cream, sugared sodas or flavored lattes from Starbucks, you will affect your brain negatively.  Note, I said habitually.  Nothing says you cannot indulge once in a while, even once a week.  If all week long you engage in moderate exercise, say, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and eating healthfully, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, then indulge on the weekends, you would not be harming your body/brain.  But if Starbucks and Pizza Hut are your usual daily hangouts, you are behaving in a manner contrary to your best interests.

By far the best diet is the Mediterranean Diet.  Studies upon studies have been conducted with results pointing solidly to the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.  In fact, a this CNN report even touts the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet in contributing to a "younger" brain! There are just as many reports that speak of possibly reversing or preventing Alzheimer's disease with the Mediterranean Diet.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book - now available!

Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book - Now Available on CreateSpace as a paperback, also available on!

The companion book to Diet Proof Your Life, the Action Book takes you where you may not have thought of going - into your soul.  Through focused questions, each principle espoused in Diet Proof Your Life is exposed and explored.  It engages the reader's mind and heart to begin to delve deeply into those areas of life that have been problematic, and leads the reader to a safe place from which to design a lifestyle that works!

This past weekend's conference was a success! I made a special offer to those who purchased the original Diet Proof Your Life to receive the Action Book absolutely FREE. 

I extend the same offer to you.  Buy the original, receive the Action Book absolutely FREE.  Be sure to leave your email so that I may communicate with you for the particulars.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I wrote the book ... so am I following my own concepts?

Yesterday, I came clean: I had truly "diet proofed" my life - all the way to gaining 10 pounds!!!! Argh! Clearly, not my objective.

The book, Diet Proof Your Life, is a journal and inspirational source for anyone who has struggled with weight, with eating, and has tried every diet on the planet - and failed.  I certainly was/am one of them!  But I did recover!  I reached a point where it became plain that the problem was not excess weight - my weight was merely a reflection of my eating habits.  My weight was my mirror.  I realized that my focus could not be my weight, so much as my lifestyle, and lifestyle involved much more than merely what or how I ate.

I therefore put together Diet Proof Your Life, a book that explores the underbelly of our lifestyle, with specific "secrets" to unravel the sticking points that get us into trouble.  Along with the book, I am currently working on Diet Proof Your Life - Action Book, a companion to the original.

Get it here

Are you tired of dieting: "rabbit" food, calorie counting, fat grams and sore muscles? There is a solution: It's called STOP DIETING! In this revolutionary new book, I tell you how to diet proof your life once and for all.  No more carb grams or fake butter; no more starvation; no hours at the gym.  You will discover within yourself the secrets to a healthy body that supports your life without dieting! That's a promise.

Here is another promise - and an offer: Purchase my book, Diet Proof Your Life, and receive the Action Book ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Be sure to leave your email

Monday, November 16, 2015

Well, I really did diet proof my life!! Hmm...

I must come clean: I overdid it.

To be more specific, in my quest to diet proof my own life, in keeping with my message, I have also let myself go.  By overeating!

The message in my book - and in this blog - is to stop dieting.  That's the short answer.  The slightly longer one is that dieting - restricting calories, changing one's eating habits, feasting on salads without dressing or steamed carrots - does the body more harm than good.  True, you may drop a pound or two, but your metabolism will slow down because the message to your body, your biology, is that famine is afoot.  You restrict your food consumption, and the brain interprets that as famine and austerity.  Your brain is the computer that controls all your bodily functions, including, most importantly, your ability to survive.  When your brain perceives the carillon calls of famine, it instructs your metabolism to slow down so as to conserve energy.  Your brain is a machine, a very sophisticated machine, to be sure, but it only functions according to what it perceives.  Information in, information out.  You know the drill: GIGO is the acronym (garbage in, garbage out).  You turn a few switches that tell the brain food is scarce, and your brain obeys with its own cascade of hormones designed to keep you alive on minimal food: It turns down your furnace, so that you burn fewer calories, minimal calories to stay alive.  The result? You may lose a few pounds, but when you get back to eating "normally," in your usual habit, your metabolism does not automatically realize that famine is over; it persists in keeping you alive lest famine returns.  It continues the very slow burn of calories, resulting in weight gain! Kapish?

That's why I have been advocating making tiny changes to your eating habits, and making tiny changes to your exercise habits, so as not to ruffle your metabolism's feathers.  You must avoid dieting - restricting your calories - assiduously in order to keep your metabolism revved up.  To go a step further, you must not skip meals, as that produces a similar effect.

It is a lifestyle change.  A slow, very subtle change that can be sustained over the long haul. Something as simple as cutting back on bread - instead of two slices in the morning, cut it back to a slice and a half.  Nothing drastic, nothing too far afield, just a tiny change that can be sustained over time.  The overriding idea here is to NOT diet.

Well, I have listened to my own advice lately, and not dieted.  I mean, I seriously have not dieted. As in gone to the other extreme!

Yep, I confess.  I have overindulged.  In all my favorite foods - not once or twice, but repeatedly for quite some time.  And the results are - well, do I really have to tell you? My clothes are significantly tighter.  I am afraid of stepping on the scale.  The last time I checked my weight, I had put on 10 pounds! I'm not looking for further confirmation, thank you.

The principle of diet proofing one's life is sound.  It is solid.  It remains intact.  My practice of my own caveat has faltered.

This is my road, my journey, the gravel upon which I tread.  In my endeavor to not diet, I have gone the other way.  Over the past month, I have traveled here and there, have enjoyed sightseeing and conferences, have given a talk, have received glowing feedback, and have also indulged, overindulged, in the fineries found while traveling.  Back home, I am frequently hard pressed to return to a healthy lifestyle after having "destroyed" all the good I had done.

What rubbish! I have not "destroyed" anything - I have created a scenario that I can observe and cop to.  It is my teacher.  The 10 pounds are merely a beacon - they are merely the result, and a very valuable result.  After all, the only difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner has lost many more times than the loser ever tries!

I stand here before you abject in my humanity.  It is time to return to the principles which made the book possible: Diet proof my life - with responsibility.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coming soon ...

Tried everything? Nothing worked? 

Finally, the definitive book to Diet Proof Your Life - forever! 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Sensuous Fruit

There are few pleasures as potent as food - eating, drinking, sustaining life. Yes, they are instinctive, and ask very little else of us. We are infants at our mother's breast.

But we are not ascetics. Perhaps because of the plenty we enjoy, the food and drink we seek is bound to be the kind that provides more pleasure than nourishment. And yet ...

Enter the watermelon. When it is ripe and ice cold, and the weather is hot and sticky, few things can compare with the pleasure of biting into it and letting its juice run all over your face and clothes, small morsels stuck to your lips as you endeavor to swallow every last refreshing bit. It's one of those things in life. When the melon is sweet and juicy, even brownies can't compare!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Joy of Chocolate!

I began to write a poem about this food of the gods.  Indeed, not to wax too prosaic, the cocoa nut was first discovered eons ago, and harvested as offerings to the gods of the day.  Man has subsequently discovered newer - and more inspiring - ways of extracting pleasure from the lowly nut. The addition of milk and sugar, butter, truffles and alluring spice, the pedestrian kernel has metamorphosed into an unctuous seduction.  Its flavor, rich and cloying; its texture smooth as silk, its aroma heady and intoxicating; and as I bite into that morsel, upon the tongue its magic flows as an erotic kiss.  The gods could not have fathomed such delirious extravagance.

This may not be poetry, but merely an otherworldly lapse of consciousness!