Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Joy of Chocolate!

I began to write a poem about this food of the gods.  Indeed, not to wax too prosaic, the cocoa nut was first discovered eons ago, and harvested as offerings to the gods of the day.  Man has subsequently discovered newer - and more inspiring - ways of extracting pleasure from the lowly nut. The addition of milk and sugar, butter, truffles and alluring spice, the pedestrian kernel has metamorphosed into an unctuous seduction.  Its flavor, rich and cloying; its texture smooth as silk, its aroma heady and intoxicating; and as I bite into that morsel, upon the tongue its magic flows as an erotic kiss.  The gods could not have fathomed such delirious extravagance.

This may not be poetry, but merely an otherworldly lapse of consciousness!