Saturday, December 24, 2011

Your Body and Your Weight

Whether chubby or thin, what you weigh represents your lifestyle.  Period.  If you weigh more than you like, it's because your lifestyle is such that it supports it, either through lack of exercise or overeating.  In my own case, I have been indulging in chips (of which I can't eat just one), peanuts (salted, roasted and cheap), unlimited chewing gum (sugarfree, but not calorie free), and of course the ubiquitous white rice (my husband is Japanese).  Add to the above being a master at uncovering "deals" in restaurants, and you've got the makings of a lifestyle that revolves around food.  My husband is a great coupon hound; even more so when it comes to restaurants.  Some of his favorites are the buffet-style restaurants where the value per dollar makes him salivate (pardon the pun!).  And of course, being the good wife that I am, I accommodate, and go along, and make sure to get my money's worth.  Golden Corral, Chinese, Mexican, American Southern - we've gone to almost all of them, but I do assiduously avoid pizza.  Isn't that grand of me. 

Whom am I kidding?  Really?  I don't get to complain if I'm chubbier than I'd like if I persist in eating that way.  Moreover, I am exercising less these days because of an injury I sustained to my leg.  Put these all together and what you've got are guaranteed ways to keep weight on. 

So it is with you.  It's not about losing weight.  It's about changing your life, changing your living style, changing what you do on a daily basis, your routine, when you wash, when you eat, what you eat, what you think about, what you talk about.  If you fall out of bed after 10 a.m., and remain in your rumpled tee-shirt all day, don't bother brushing your teeth (because you'll just get 'em dirty again when you eat), and grab a hamburger or potato chips and some Coke, and flop in front of the TV until the kids come home, and then join them when they eat cookies and milk, then the way your body looks will reflect that behavior.  It's not really the numbers on the scale that matter; it's the way your body looks.  Whether you weigh 130 pounds or 160 pounds is irrelevant to the way you look: If you allow yourself to be frumpy with fat bulges on your hips and abdomen, floppy arms and double chins, then it really doesn't matter what your scale says.  Your objective is to get rid of those bulges.  How to do that becomes your focus.  And how to do that must be connected mentally and emotionally to how you live your life, not only what you eat, because often what you eat and how you eat are connected to how you live.