Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vegetables that taste "vegetably"

What have we come to! This is an ad by the V8 company, featuring people turning their noses up to raw vegetables on a cruditees platter, with the voiceover claiming, "Do vegetables taste too vegetably ...?" Another commercial shows a young boy sitting in front of a plate of greens and his mother in a voiceover telling him he can't get up until he eats his vegetables; a fast-forward to the same "child" now as an old man sitting in the same position in front of the same vegetables, and the voiceover suggesting, "You could have had a V8!" Those poor saps are being promoted the virtues of V8 Juice, with the implication that vegetables are to be eschewed, rejected as flavorless, uninteresting, unappetizing -- add your own adjectives.  What a shame!  I know that the V8 company wants to sell its products; but people should be taught the virtues of eating vegetables; indeed, nutrition education should start in early childhood, and reinforced in the schools, rather than taking the easy way out and feeding children french fries touted as a vegetable.  C'mon! Get with the program!